About DOGZ

Hi to dog lovers everywhere.

Who doesn’t like dogs? (Even postmen really)

Although they’re kind enough to let us live with them in their homes, we have to do the shopping. There are many necessary but fun items (OK sometimes just necessary) items to consider, we put made this site for dog lovers to have fun, share and buy appropriately. We want to share our passion with you our customers.

Most links are to Amazon because of their size and buying power. As this is primarily a Canadian site, Canadians are likely to benefit greatly from Amazon Prime delivery as with our distances, we struggle to find timely and inexpensive postage.

Other custom links are for items that we just couldn’t ignore but to bring to you, our fellow community.

These are all affiliate links and regardless of any commissions are chosen to be ideal in term of quality, reasonable cost and overall value to you, our customer. If there’s an area you’d like added to, let us know and we’ll do some homework! We want to of value to you and mans best friend (woman too)

Thank you for your patronage.